Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Our priority: Protecting everyone on and around our sites


Protecting the health and safety of the workers and customers on our sites, as well as everyone in the nearby communities, is at the heart of our concerns. It’s our duty to ensure the well-being of all these people, and we take it very seriously by placing great emphasis on rigorous health and safety practices. By prioritizing health and safety, we’re not just protecting people—we’re also protecting the environment in which they live.


By adhering to Canadian health and safety standards for our practices and equipment, we make sure our team is working in a safe environment. We’re also proactive about protecting our employees:

  • We stay informed about the latest health and safety regulations.
  • We make our drill foremen responsible for ensuring that provincial and federal standards are followed on the job.
  • We provide relevant continuing education for our employees (foremen, drillers, driller assistants, etc.).
  • We effectively and preventively manage incidents with thorough documentation.

What’s more, all of our drills are equipped with guards connected to interlocking devices with integrated self-monitoring systems. We also make sure driller assistants have their own emergency stop buttons so they can protect themselves and their colleagues.